MiniMINT Gainesville

MiniMINT Magazine is a full-size, full-color, glossy-stock publication with great art and compelling offers from Gainesville's Best Companies that direct-mails 75,000 homes monthly.


At MiniMINT we are passionate about growing your business. When it comes to understanding your consumers, we're the local authority.

Fritz Sattes, Owner.

Gainesville's Longest Running Publication

MiniMINT has a wide range of opportunities to help your business reach new
customers. We are the consumers' choice when they are ready to shop and buy.

Gainesville's Highest Income-earning Audience.

We do not blanket mail. We pull our lists by Carrier Route which allows us to focus primarily on Upper-income Home-owners who have the disposable income to utilize our clients' services.


Gainesville's Best Advertising Investment.

Our Magazine has the visual element to showcase your products/services and to communicate a 'feeling'; plus, because it is in print, the audience doesn't have to remember the message details or your contact information. They can make a decision and take action right off a single ad.


Gainesville's Largest Audience.

We print over 75,000 copies per month making us larger than all other competitors COMBINED.

As opposed to rack distribution, we direct-mail all 75,000+ copies per month ensuring your message gets put into the hands of consumers in your area.


MINT is Destination-Oriented.

Destination Oriented means our Advertisements are the content our Audience is Interested in. As opposed to other types of media, we do not play music, provide TV programming, or print editorials in order to build viewership; because advertising in those types of media is viewed as "Interruptive Advertising", and does not garner full consideration from the consumer.

Gainesville's Longest Running Publication Serving the area for 40 Years

Who Should Advertise?

Businesses with high standards

We research & screen all Clients prior to sharing our audience with them to ensure the highest quality service pool.

Built for Home Services

We have the largest audience of upper-income home-owners of any media. Most home service clients have been with us for over 10 years.

Built for Food

Consumers come to this publication specifically looking for food. We have more food than any other media.