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We are happy to set up a brief (5-10 minute) meeting at your place of business to give you a Free Market Analysis and Estimate. If interested, please call Fritz at (352) 246-6606 to arrange a time.


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We also invite you to see our reviews online and on our Facebook page. If you know some of the clients in our publication, please ask them about their experience with MINT.


More Flexible than you might guess

We do not require lengthy contracts to connect with our audience. If you'd like to mail just one time with us, you can.

Image ads, or advertisements without offers, are acceptable in our magazine. Most advertisers like the fact that coupon advertising can be completely measurable, but many of our Clients do not offer discounts of any kind.

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No charge for art!

Restaurant Clients receive one FREE Photo Shoot (1-3 food items) with 3-issue agreement!

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Art / logos / business cards / brochures / menus

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Web design

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