Marketing vs. Advertising

The difference between marketing and advertising is this: marketing is advertising that didn't work. Advertising should make you money. You can't spend awareness and branding.

Three Steps to Advertising

  1. Target Audience: identify your 'best customers' demographically and geographically and select a media that connects you to them.
  2. Break thru the Clutter: it's not enough to have your message 'available'. The media you choose and the way you frame your message within that media needs to have the ability to be noticed along with the driving content the audience is there for.
  3. Compel Action (aka. Makes You Money). Your message needs to drive sales profitably. Ask your media consultant to give you examples of campaigns they designed that were profitable and sustaining. Titles and Awards shouldn't cut it with your money. A media expert needs to be a media expert; not just a good salesperson.